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I would have understood many things if no one had explained them to me.

What attorneys was Stanislaw Jerzy Lec talking to? He should have tried us.
A successful cooperation is based on trust. This is why we speak a clear and understandable language. We carefully learn about your problems and wishes, meaning we are able to offer you meaningful advice and support beyond the clauses.

Both internally and externally. Respectful interactions, responsibility for employees and fair working hours are the pillars of successful meaningful work.

Experts in our domain

Our recipe for success is simple. Our expertise must be adapted to the case. This is why each partner has his or her own strong suits. Freelance solicitors – with whom we have worked for many years – complement our skills in related areas. We achieve better results by working together.

In addition, we benefit from years of experience and the strength of a well-established team. Our high standards are based on stable conditions.

With energy and enthusiasm

There must be a reason why the same people are still sitting at our table year after year – and are regularly joined by newcomers. In fact, our team is united by many factors: The pleasure they derive from experimenting, brainstorming together, meeting new challenges. Showing a lot of zeal. The common understanding of steady work. This is what makes our everyday life exciting. And means our customers benefit from our high-quality work.