June 2016

Höhne/ Jöchl/ Lummerstorfer, Das Recht der Vereine ("The Law of Associations") was published in it's fifth edition!
Three years passed since the last edition of this standard work on association law was published - three years in which many association law-related questions have been answered and even more came up - and this book deals with substantially all of them.

It treats
  • all aspects of founding and running the association
  • matters of associations as entrepreneurs, employers or neighbours
  • matters of associations in public procurement-, tenancy-, competition- and insolvency law
  • new: Crowdfunding and Crowdfinancing
  • a comprehensive but at the same time understandable presentation of the complex field of association taxation
  • in particular everything associations need to know about the Gemeinnützigkeitspaket 2015 ("public benefit package 2015")
  • accounting organisation
  • tax-reducing donations
  • obtaining the Donation Seal of Quality
  • annual audit of small and big associations
It includes annotated model statutes and checklists. Essential points of taxation law are processed and displayed in the form of decision trees and diagrams.
You can order the book at www.shop.lexisnexis.at!