October 2016
There are now six of us:
Mag. Markus Dörfler, long-time lawyer in cooperation with our law office, links himself to us even closer and joined Höhne, In der Maur & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH & Co KG as our sixth partner. His activity focus lies on IT-law, data protection law and intellectual property rights. In these fields, he primarily supervises companies.
We are glad!

In the course of the 6th press law panel in Frankfurt am Main, a panel discussion on the topic "'Satire is allowed to do anything!', or maybe not?", on the occasion of the "case Böhmermann", will take place. Thomas Höhne will take part in the round table discussion about the limits of satirists' artistic license and will introduce the perspective of Austrian media law to the discussion.

August 2016
The second edition of Höhne/Koukal, Ihr Recht im Internet ("Your rights on the Internet") is available!
In the proven way, this book anwers all questions that may come up when using the Internet - simple and understandable to non-lawyers as well. What risks does using the world wide web involve, how do you protect yourself against them, what rights do you have and what rights of other internet users do you have to consider? The second edition of the book makes these and many other legal questions, as well as all relevant developments, clear.

You can order the book at www.konsument.at.

June 2016
This year, Best Lawyers mentioned us several times in their ranking of best lawyers. Georg Streit was awarded in the categories IP-law and media law, in the listing „Austrias Best Lawyers 2016“. Thomas Höhne is to be found among the best lawyers in IT-law and media law, according to Best Lawyers. We're happy to achieve a place in this renowed ranking!

June 2016
Höhne/ Jöchl/ Lummerstorfer, Das Recht der Vereine ("The Law of Associations") was published in it's fifth edition!
Three years passed since the last edition of this standard work on association law was published - three years in which many association law-related questions have been answered and even more came up - and this book deals with substantially all of them.

It treats
  • all aspects of founding and running the association
  • matters of associations as entrepreneurs, employers or neighbours
  • matters of associations in public procurement-, tenancy-, competition- and insolvency law
  • new: Crowdfunding and Crowdfinancing
  • a comprehensive but at the same time understandable presentation of the complex field of association taxation
  • in particular everything associations need to know about the Gemeinnützigkeitspaket 2015 ("public benefit package 2015")
  • accounting organisation
  • tax-reducing donations
  • obtaining the Donation Seal of Quality
  • annual audit of small and big associations
It includes annotated model statutes and checklists. Essential points of taxation law are processed and displayed in the form of decision trees and diagrams.
You can order the book at www.shop.lexisnexis.at!

June 2016
We welcome a new team member! From now on, Stefanie Veigl LL.M. will support us as an associate. Ms Veigl studied economic law at WU Vienna and contributes in-depth knowledge of this field. In our law office she will engage herself primarily in real estate law, compensation and warranty law, inheritance law, administrative law, litigation and contract law. We are looking forward to a good cooperation!

June 2016
The Best Lawyers - Linking Lawyers and Clients Worldwide mentions Thomas Höhne in The Best Lawyers in Austria's 7th edition, in the field of "Information Technology Law and Media Law".

June 2016
Good news for all Internet users: Höhne/Koukal, Ihr Recht im Internet (Your rights on the Internet) will be back for its second edition! This reliable practical guidebook for consumers will be published shortly and will cover all developments relevant in the field of Internet Law. The book will be, once more, published by the Verein für Konsumenteninformation (Consumer Information Association).

May 2016
"Trend" reports:

April 2016
In „trend-Lawyer's Ranking“ („Austrias Best Lawyers“) of 2016, h-i-p ranks among the Top Ten in Media Law as well as in Intellectual Property.

April 2016
Thomas Höhne wins first place in the category IP at Global Awards 2016 by Corporate LiveWire.

April 2016
In the Ranking of 2016, published by "The Legal 500 - The Clients' Guide to the Legal Profession in Europe, Caucasius & Central Asia", h-i-p are ranked fourth in the sequence of Austrias Best Law Offices in the field of Intellectual Property. Furthermore, Thomas Höhne and Alexander Koukal are highlighted in connection with copyright law procedures. In the category of TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) we find ourselves on second place - Thomas Höhne is additionally ranked among this legal field's Leading Individuals.

April 2016
Höhne, In der Maur & Partner has an outstanding reputation for media and entertainment. The firm’s media lawyers are described by clients as »strategic and pro-active« with leading expertise in print and broadcasting law. The firm also represents clients in film, music and digital media sectors. Co-founders Thomas Höhne and Thomas In der Maur manage the practice, which is also appointed by high profile individuals in cases of privacy violation.” – that's what Media Law International wrote about us. And in their „Ranking Table 2016“ we are once again ranked Number 1 in Austrai Media Law.

April 2016
Mag. Livia Fleischer passed her bar exam! Following many months of studying, Mag. Fleischer is now back in the h-i-p team. As of now, she is ready to work again and at our clients' disposal in her fields of expertise information law, competition law, advertising law, trademark law and labor law. We sincerely congratulate Mag Fleischer and share her happiness over this success!

April 2016
In the course of Finance Monthly Law Awards 2016, Thomas Höhne wins the title  “Lawyer of the Year - Austria”, in the category of Internet and E-commerce.


April 2016
  We are glad that ACQ5 (Acquisition Finance Magazine) awarded us the title “AUSTRIA - MEDIA LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR 2016”.

April 2016
Corporate LiveWire (sponsored by the International Business Innovation Association) awarded h-i-p the title 'Most Outstanding Law Firm - Austria 2016' in the course of the Innovation & Excellence Awards.  

April 2016
Thomas In der Maur is
Contract Lawyer of the Year“, according to ACQ 5's  (Acquisition Finance Magazine) Law Awards 2016.

April 2016
The writers of h-i-p spent every available minute over the past year to please all those eager for knowledge with new editions of two indispensable books: Soon, the fifth edition of Das Recht der Vereine ("The Law of Associations") by Höhne/Jöchl/Lummerstorfer and the second edition of Urheberrecht für die Praxis ("Copyright Law for Practical Use") by Höhne/Jung/Koukal/Streit will be published. Order your copy by now under www.shop.lexisnexis.at bzw. www.verlagoesterreich.at.

January 2016
We wholeheartedly congratulate Michael Zwirchmayr on the doctorate in jurisprudence! Dr. Zwirchmayr wrote his dissertation on the subject „Stifterwille und Auslegung der Stiftungserklärung“ ("The Will of the Founder and the Interpretation of the Declaration of Foundation").

January 2016
Acquisition International awarded h-i-p the titel of “Best in Media Law – Austria“ in the course of the Legal Awards 2015.  

January 2016
15.1.2016: As every year, on the occasion of the beginning of the year we tried to gather the whole team at the same time and place - and as every year, we were only almost successful. As can be seen, we were in the best of moods anyway - and we will keep it that way throughout 2016. (Since work goes even more smoothly that way.)