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Unfair Competition Law

Thomas Höhne, Georg Streit
Alina Alavi Kia, Livia Fleischer

"Unfair Competition Law" is a multifaceted term - for one thing, it refers to restrictions of competition, thus primarily antitrust law and, besides that, the law of unfair commercial practices, which is rarely about fair, but for the most part about unfair competition. The rules on fair competition are manifold, and in some instances a conflict with them arises. If it's you, who has the conflict, we help you to get out of it; if it's a competitor, who doesn't play by the rules, we know how to get them back on the straight and narrow path - and maybe get you compensation for the damage suffered.

The journal "Format" ranges Thomas Höhne second place in the Austria-wide lawyers ranking 2015, in the field of Unfair Competition Law.

Once again, in 2014 Thomas Höhne is named among the Top 10 in Unfair Competition Law in the lawyers ranking of "Format".

In the Austria-wide lawyers ranking by the journal "Format",Thomas Höhne is named among the Top 10 in Unfair Competition Law in 2013.

The journal „Format“ ranks our law office sixth place in their edition published on 20. April 2012,in the field „Top Ten in Unfair Competition Law“.