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Trademark and Design Law

Thomas Höhne, Georg Streit
Alina Alavi Kia, Livia Fleischer

A trademark is said to be a promise. A promise that consumers claim with every purchase of a product and with every use of a service identified with the trademark. Never have trademarks, names, designs and similar intellectual property rights been of more importance than today. And never has it been more important to be well informed in these fields. Word mark, figurative mark or word-image mark? Registered design or utility model? What is where (Austria, Europe or all over the world?) and how protected optimally?

Protection of trademarks and designs costs money. We make sure you invest your money in this field in the best possible way and find you the exact protection you need for your products and services.

On our website www.markenregistrierung.at we offer assistance and basic information on questions around trademark law (only available in German).