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Event Law

Gunther Gram

The main focus of our work in this field is on consultation of event companies, as well as operators of event sites.

Event law comprises a multitude of legal matters. First of all, it is about aspects of general civil law, like contract law, safety obligations and neighbouring rights. It's about all contractual and non-contractual obligations associated with preparation and implementation of events, their occurance and content and all related dangers, respectively possible ways to prevent them.

In addition, there is a wide range of public law provisions, regarding the registration of events and concession applications - ultimately all public preconditions that are relevant for the conduct of events. And from time to time we have to argue with public authorities.

However, criminal law issues can arise as well, for instance as a result of injuries in the course of events. On a regular basis, questions concerning event-related fiscal and tax legislation - with or without foreign elements - arise.

We tell you, as an organiser, about all legally considerable aspects of event business, find specific solutions to relevant problems with preparing and implementing events and, preferably, help you to prevent such problems by means of preventive consultation.