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Data Protection Law

Thomas HöhneMarkus Dörfler
Livia Fleischer

‘Data is the oil of the 21st Century‘ (quote by Stefan Groß-Selbeck, Ex-CEO of XING).

Maybe the prevailing gold rush mentality is the reason why, especially regarding this subject, contractors tend to answer the question as to whether something is allowed or not with “I’m sure we’ll be alright”. Yet, things can go wrong; the hacker attacks taking place almost daily show that - and afterwards, not only the thieves themselves get scolded, but the public commonly asks whether or not the contractor himself did everything right as well.

We assist you not only regarding the question if and how you are permitted to process data, we also take charge of the legal framework you will need to prevent being confronted with fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of your worldwide annual turnover.

Since more and more infringements of personal rights are carried out by electronic means - from internet-media to data-collecting drones - data protection law is nowadays one of the most important tools to protecting personal rights. Since we have always engaged ourselves in media law, it was logical to us to take on the topic of personal rights protection in the field of data protection law as well.