Questions are free of charge - the answers may come with a fee.

Provided that we can answer your question in a short e-mail, we will gladly do so – and free of charge, if your question is only about whether we can assist you with your problem and what fees may be incurred.

In case your problem requires greater effort, we get in touch with you and inform you about our fees for addressing your question. If you agree with the fee presented to you, please send us “ok” as a reply – and, of course, provide us with your full name and postal address. You will then receive our advice within the next 48 hours.

If the necessary expenditures go beyond a response e-mail, if we cannot (yet) estimate them and/or we consider a personal meeting necessary, a separate contractual agreement will be required. To this end we will arrange a personal meeting to clarify expenses and reach fee arrangements.

Of course professional secrecy is guaranteed already from the stage of early legal advice. We shall maintain silence towards any party with respect to all data and information we receive from you, including the very fact that you seek our advice.

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