Dr. Thomas Höhne, born in 1953

1971 - 1978 Studies of Law, Economics, Political Science, Business and Social History at the University of Vienna and the College of Global Trade (the later University of Economies) in Vienna
1976 Juris Doctor degree
1975 Scholarship at the Institute for European Studies, Brussels
1976 - 1978 Assistant at the Institute for Trade Law of the University of Vienna (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Frotz)
1979 Scholarship at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Patent, Copyright and Competition Law in Munich
1984 Admission as attorney
since May 1998 Partnership with Thomas In der Maur
Juni 2001 Establishment of Höhne, In der Maur & Partner Rechtsanwälte OEG
2004 - 2007 Panel member of the bar association in vienna
2013 - 2014 Board member of the association Künstlerhaus, Gesellschaft bildener Künstlerinnen und Künstler Österreichs
since 2015 Board member of "Architekturzentrum Wien"


e-mail: thomas.hoehne@h-i-p.at
office assistant: Rebecca Ljugbunari
phone: (43 - 1) 521 75-31

Specializes in:

Information law (Internet law, copyright law, media law, IT law), movie law, competition and trademark law, advertising law, art law, personal rights, data protection, public association law

Co-Publisher of the legal journal for information law "Zeitschrift für Informationsrecht" (ZIIR)

Co-initiator and -founder of the post graduate study program  information law and media law at the University of Vienna (“Universitätslehrgang Informationsrecht und Medienrecht” - www.informationsrecht.at)

Member of Österreichische Marketinggesellschaft (www.marketinggesellschaft.at)

Arbitrator at the Arbitration Office for .AT Domains (2003 - 2008).

Member of the Austrian Advertising Council (www.werberat.at)

Partner of the Interest Group of Public Benefit Organizations „IGO“ (www.gemeinnuetzig.at)



German, English, French



Seminars and lectures regarding his areas of expertise, in particular competition law, copyright, advertising law, internet law and broadcasting law as well as associations. Lecturer at the Marketing Academy of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce’s Institute of Business Promotion in Vienna (1993-1999) and the "NPO-academy" (2005-2011, www.npo-akademie.at) furthermore in the post graduate study program information law and media law at the University of Vienna (www.informationsrecht.at).


Co-author of Lachmair/Höhne, Führung im Verein - "Leadership in Associations" (2015)

Co-author of
Höhne/Jöchl/Lummerstorfer, Das Recht der Vereine - "The Law of Associations" (1997, 2002, 2009, 2013, 2016)

Co-author of the Commentary on the Austrian Media Act (with Walter Berka, Lucie Heindl and Alfred Noll - 2012)

Co-author of Höhne/Koukal, Ihr Recht im Internet - "Your Rights on the Internet" (2011, 2016)

Co-author of Höhne/Jung/Koukal/Streit, Praxishandbuch Urheberrecht; Alles, was Sie wissen müssen - "Practice Handbook Copyright Law; Everything You Need To Know" (2011)

Co-autohor with Peter Karg of Urheber- und Verlagsrecht, in: Hausmaninger/Petsche/Vartian (publisher) - "Viennese Handbook on Standard Contract Forms" (2006, 2012)

Author of the chapter “Media Law based Regulatory Provisions regarding Online-Media” in: Berka/Grabenwarter/Holoubek (publisher), Fourth Broadcast Forum: Media in the Web (2009)

Co-author of Höhne/Jöchl/Lummerstorfer, Das Recht der Vereine - "The Law of Associations" (1997, 2002, 2009)

1992 - 2008 ongoing freelancer contributor to the
austrian business journal "trend", member of the editorial advisory council of the magazine "Medien und Recht".

Author of Architektur und Urheberrecht - "Arcitecture and Copyright Law" (2007)

Co-author of the Commentary on the Austrian Media Act (with Walter Berka, Alfred Noll and Ulrich Polley - 2002, 2005)

Co-author of Mayer-Schönberger/Galla/Fallenböck (publisher), Das Recht der Domain-Namen - "The Law of Domain Names" (2001)

Co-author of Österreichische Juristenkommission (publisher), Grundrechte in der Informationsgesellschaft - "Basic Rights in the Information Society" (2001)

Co-author of Biegler (publisher), www.electronicbusiness.at (2000)

Co-author of Dittrich (publisher), Beiträge zum Urheberrecht VI - "Contributions to the Copyright Law VI (2000)

Co-author of Mayer-Schönberger/Schneider-Manns-Au (publisher), Der Jurist am Info-Highway - "The laywer on the info-highway" (1997)

Author of the chapters "Rundfunkrecht" (Broadcasting Law - continued by
Georg Streit since 2002) and "Umwelthaftung" ("Environmental Liabiliy") in: Straberger (publisher), EU Recht (loose-leaf booklet, since 1995)

Numerous essays, discussions of legal decisions and books in a wide array of legal journals as well as in other media.


In "trend lawyers' ranking" ("Austria's Top Lawyers, Thomas Höhne ranks third in the "best of the best 2017" listing.

In the 2017 ranking of "The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa“, h-i-p are ranked second in the field of TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications), in the ranking of Austria's best law offices. Additionally, the ranking mentions Thomas Höhne among the Leading Individuals in this field. In the category Intellectual Property, we are ranked fifth among the listing of the best Austrian law offices and Thomas Höhne is recommended.

Chambers Europe“ ranked h-i-p, in their ranking 2017 of Austria's best law offices, in the category TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications) - Media Austria right at the front. In the field of TMT, Thomas Höhne is ranked twice among the best lawyers of Austria. 

Thomas Höhne is to be found among the best lawyers in IT-law and media law, according to Best Lawyers, in the listing „Austrias Best Lawyers 2016“.  We're happy to achieve a place in this renowed ranking!

The Best Lawyers - Linking Lawyers and Clients Worldwide mentions Thomas Höhne in The Best Lawyers in Austria's 7th edition, in the field of 
 "Information Technology Law and Media Law".

Top Ten
in Intellectual Property in the course of „trend-Anwaltsranking“ 2016.
Among the top four in Media Law – or, as "trend" phrases it  „In media law, no one can hold a candle to them.“

The Ranking of 2016 by "The Legal 500 - The Clients' Guide to the Legal Profession in Europe, Caucasius & Central Asia" names Thomas Höhne a Leading Individual in the category TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications).

Thomas Höhne wins in the category IP, in the course of Global Awards 2016 by Corporate LiveWire.

Höhne, In der Maur & Partner has an outstanding reputation for media and entertainment. The firm’s media lawyers are described by clients as »strategic and pro-active« with leading expertise in print and broadcasting law. The firm also represents clients in film, music and digital media sectors. Co-founders Thomas Höhne and Thomas In der Maur manage the practice, which is also appointed by high profile individuals in cases of privacy violation.” – that's what Media Law International wrote about us. In their „Ranking Table 2016“ we are number one in Austrian media law once again.

The business paper "Format" rates Dr. Thomas Höhne as Austria´s best lawyer in the field of media law, IT and e-commerce in 2013. Furthermore he is named among Austria´s best four lawyers regarding unfair competition law.

„The Legal 500 – Europe, Middle East & Africa (2013)“ recommends Thomas Höhne in the area of “IT and Telecommunications”. Furthermore he is named on first position of “leading Individuals” in the field of “Intellectual Property and Media”. The handbook regards him as “a litigation expert, and capable of solving urgent matters within a very strict timeframe”.

The handbook „Legal Experts – Europe, Middle East & Africa (2013)” recommends Thomas Höhne in the field of “IT and Telecoms” as well as he is recommended in the area of “Intellectual Property” once more.

„Who’s Who Legal – The International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers“
(2012) lists Thomas Höhne among „the world’s leading practioners“ in the field of Internet, E-Commerce & Data Protection

In 2012 „Die Presse” recommends Thomas Höhne in „Handbuch Wirtschaftsanwälte“ in the area of „IP, IT Media and Telecom“ as a leading expert in the core area of IP-law.

Thomas Höhne is named as “leading individual” by “The European Legal 500 – US Special Edition 2012” in the area of “Intellectual Property and Media”. The handbook regards him as “highly rated and in demand” and our law firm as “dominant in the media sector”, an area wherein Höhne, In der Maur & Partner are rated among the best four Austrian law firms.
Furthermore he is recommended in the field of “IT and telecommunications” as well as Höhne, In der Maur & Partner are for the sector “Real Estate and construction”.

Chambers Europe 2012 recommends Thomas Höhne in the fields of  „Information Technology“ and „Media" as "one of the big players". He is described as an 
energetic practitioner who instils confidence in his clients. 

In 2012 the handbook „The Legal 500 - Europe, Middle East & Africa" regards Thomas Höhne as a "leading individual" in the area of "Intellectual property and media" and furthermore recommends him for "e-commerce and internet law advice". The handbook notes that "Höhne, In der Maur & Partner Rechtsanwälte is dominant in the media sector, particularly for representing newspapers. Thomas Höhne is highly rated and in demand".

In April 2012 the business magazine „Format“ ranked Thomas Höhne as the best lawyer in the area of Media Law, IT and E-Commerce. In the area of “Fair Competition Law” the magazine ranked him among the ten best lawyers of the country (Rank. No. 6).

In its 2012 Edition of „Best Lawyers in Austria“, the handbook „Best Lawyers“ recommends Thomas Höhne in the practice areas of “Information Technology” and “Media and IP Law”.

The 2011 edition of „Legal Experts – Europe, Middle East & Africa“ mentions Thomas Höhne as one of the „leading lights“ in the European legal professions. The book identifies him as being highly recommended in the areas of Intellectual Property, IT and telecoms.

Chambers Europe 2011 recommends Thomas Höhne in the fields of "Media" and "IT law": "Peers regard vastly experienced Thomas Höhne as 'a media guru.' He is particularly well known for his work for Austrian broadcasting companies. As 'one of the first in the country to become an IT lawyer,' he is also famous for his activity within the IT market, especially relating to IP issues. "The 2012 Edition of „Legal Experts – Europe, Middle East & Africa“ again recommends Thomas Höhne in the area of „Intellectual Property“.

The handbook "Best Laywers" chose Thomas Höhne as Austrias "Laywer of the Year 2011" in the field of "Media".

In the 2011 edition of „The Internationals Who’s Who of Business Laywers“ Thomas Höhne is ranked as one of Austria’s leading practitioniers in the field of „Internet, e-Commerce & Data Protection“.

Business magazine “Format” ranks Thomas Höhne number one in the “most in demand media law experts” category in April 2010. In the category of “competition law experts” Thomas Höhne is listed in the top 10.

The 2010 edition of „The Legal 500 - Europe, Middle East and Africa” and the "US Special Edition 2010" ranks Thomas Höhne as a “leading lawyer” in “IT and Telecommunications”. His team “has a great reputation in the market, and its full service approach to IP and IT services wins it the admiration of clients”.

„Recommended" in the field of „EU, Competition and Public Procurement" with „significant experience in IT, information and medial law" and mentioned as „... at the helm of the top-notch team" in the field of „Intellectual property and media" by „The Legal 500 - Europe, Middle East and Africa (2008 Edition)". The handbook "European Legal Experts 2008" recommends Thomas Höhne in the fields of „IT and telecoms" and „Intellectual Property". The Chambers Europe „Cient’s Guide 2008" writes about Thomas Höhne: „Thomas Höhne is respected for a high level of specialist knowledge that makes him ‘the media law guru in Austria’ in the eyes of many peers." In April 2008 Thomas Höhne tops the ranking of the “Media Law, IT and E-Commerce Experts” and in April 2009 Thomas Höhne tops the ranking of the “Professionals in the field of Media Law” - both rankings compiled and published by the Austrian business magazine „Format”.

The 2009 edition of „The Legal 500 - Europe, Middle East and Africa” rates Thomas Höhne once again: „Recommended" for his “unfair competition knowledge” in the field of „EU and Competition”, in the field of „IT and Telecommunications" „recognised for his expertise in IT regulations” and in the field of „Intellectual property and media" „… Thomas Höhne … is considered top-quality practitioner”.

 Indexed in Chamber Europe`s „Europe’s Leading Lawyers for Business 2007" as the Nr. 1 „leading individual" in the field of media law and as Nr. 2 within in the field of „information technology" and identified as a „Recommended individual" respectively „Highly recommended individual" in the fields of „IT and E-Commerce", „Intellectual Property" and „Media" by the Practical Law Company’s handbook „Which Lawyer? - Yearbook 2007".

Recommended in the field of intellectual property in Austria by the 2003/04 edition of Global Counsel 3000.