How we work

The object of our efforts is to provide our clients with comprehensive legal assistance and advice in entrepreneurial, occupational and private matters. Thanks to our employees' individual specializations, Höhne, In der Maur & Partner can offer their clients highly experienced experts for most legal areas.
We believe that the attorney is first and foremost a service provider. We are not only a crisis manager, called upon the last moment (although we can relate to that as well), but much more a constant partner and companion of our clients. In this partnership, be it as steady legal advisors, or as experts hired on an ad-hoc basis, we feel qualified to help deal with problems and risks. Conflict management is an essential part of an attorney's practice. We eagerly endeavour to assert the interests of our clients in the courts and before administrative authorities, nevertheless knowing that, more often than not, a judicial solution is (not least because of excessive case lengths) only the second-best.
It is our aim to bring clarity and consistency into complex situations. We want to enable our clients to make sound decisions, albeit we will not hold back our own opinion.
"Clarity and consistency" is also the motto of our fee policy: our clients shall be able to foresee and fully understand what services they are paying for and why.

We are members of the international lawyers association United Legal Network (ULN).
ULN is a network of European lawyers, which today Counts 42 members from 23 countries. In transboundary matters, we therefore have the opportunity to take advantage of our international partners' support and experience.